Awkward access specialists for concrete pumping, based in Stroud

J & L Concrete Pumping are specialists for accessing awkward spaces. 

Our concrete pump allows us to pump concrete over, under, around or behind obstructions (including water!).

No manual labour is required as a placing boom can manipulate the delivery line from form to form. Concrete pumping also eliminates the need for wheelbarrows, cranes and buckets.

With concrete pumping we can perform horizontal pumping up to 200 metres and vertical pumping up to 30 metres. With a pump less than the size of a small car, we are able to pump concrete at a rate of 45 cubic metres per hour.

Advantages of concrete pumping:

  • No more manual labour
  • We can place concrete faster per hour than other methods
  • Costs can be calculated accurately
  • We can pump concrete where you want it, when you want it
  • No spillage
  • Space saving - just a pump and a pipe
  • We can perform all the work

We can perform all necessary work for the job:

  • On the day we will arrive half an hour before concreting (unless another time is specified)
  • Two men will always turn up with the pump so that the customer doesn't have to stay on site
  • We liaise with concrete suppliers so you don't have to
  • We set the pipes ready to pump concrete
  • We lay the concrete
  • Site will always be swept, cleaned and tidied after the job is finished
When we pump concrete into wall forms, the pipeline can be placed down inside the wall form, eliminating segregation, rock pockets or honeycombs.
To use our concrete pumping service, speak to Linden or Rob by calling on
01453 872 151 or
07853 765 028
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